Silky Monkey Hair Ties, Headbands, and Hair Cords

Add fashion to your wrist or to your hair! Add fashion to all of your daily activities; work, play, sports, and fun! Shop Silky-Monkey hair ties, headbands, and also the new hair cords by Silky-Monkey. The silky-monkey hair ties are made from a soft silky, stretchy material knotted to add style. Wear them as a bracelet or as a hair tie for all occasions. The best part is they add the perfect touch to your outfit, making you the fashionista for the day!

Silky Monkey hair ties are handmade using imported material. The added love, quality and touch separates Silky Monkey hair ties from the rest!  Since the hair tie is handmade not all will be exactly the same. The Silky Monkey hair ties should not be worn in water, or washed to allow for a longer lasting accessory in your fashion line.

Add color, style, and love to your everyday!


Hair Ties


Head Bands